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The problem of pain

The problem of pain

Pain often prevents us from moving, working, getting out and enjoying the world around us . Not everyone’s pain is the same. Pain can have many causes from tissue damage, to centralisation of pain and an overactive neural pathway (to name a few).¬† At Quinn physiotherapists you will receive a thorough assessment and a personalised¬† treatment plan for your pain.

About me

I have 14 years of experience as a physiotherapist and a Masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. I have published research in three international peer review academic journals and I am currently undertaking a PhD focused on the predictors of back pain in elite golfers. I also work in the NHS as a highly specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapist.


My services

I believe in a hands-on approach to treatment with a personalised exercise programme to enhance the benefits gained from manual therapy massage and joint mobilisation).

My services

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